Going through a divorce is never easy. Although it has the potential to develop to something far greater, the early adjustment appears to be excruciating. Nicky’s tale is as follows.

Vicki, from Dallas, Texas, had been married for 44 years before opting to divorce. For the first time since she was 18, the woman was unmarried.

When she arrives in Makeover Guy Christopher Hopkins’ salon chair, the newly single lady is overcome with emotion.

Vicki’s experience, on the other hand, would prove to be one of her greatest decisions.

The woman had to fight back tears because her divorce had just been finalized for a month and her emotions were still raw.

Vicky confesses that being single again was frightening to her. This was something she hadn’t done in a long time.

When The Makeover Guy finishes her makeover, he tells Vicky that everything will be OK and that she will not cry.

After only a few hours, the emotional lady appears 20 years younger and hasn’t shed a tear.

“With an elevation in color, softer brows, and an overall warmer glow, she shines for her next performance,” Christopher says of Vicki’s makeover on his YouTube website.

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