A woman from Oak Creek was seeking for a deal on furniture when, to her surprise, she found one. The disputed furniture was being offered for sale by the son of a recently dead De Pere couple (De Pere is a city located in Brown County, Wisconsin, United States). The son showed the woman the secret compartments in the furniture before selling it to her. It came out that he was unaware of a compartment that was there.

When Ms. Laural Jaecks discovered three dressers and a bed headboard produced by some Amish artisans on her Facebook Marketplace page, she believed she had scored a deal. The greatest quality items are made by the Amish, according to Ms. Jaecks. The young man accepted the woman’s offer of $300 for the furniture at that point.

After moving and transporting the furniture, Laural and her husband got to work arranging the space. The couple discovered another hidden compartment while repairing the headboard that might have saved their lives. To their shock, they discovered dozens of envelopes inside, each containing a $100 bill. Ms. Jaecks stated, “We counted the banknotes and there were a total of $ 10,300.”

Additionally, there were bank records in the compartment with the seller’s parents’ names on them. Laural recalled that she realized she couldn’t retain the money the instant she found it. The seller’s parents worked arduously and diligently and saved for that money, she told herself.


As astonished as she was to learn about the money, the woman immediately phoned the seller. She wanted to return the windfall, which was the most unexpected part. Laural said, “He couldn’t believe it. I really can’t believe you called to tell me you discovered this secret wealth, he remarked.

Laural remarked that she thought her charitable act was worth far more than a windfall of $10,300. I don’t feel guilty, she declared. “I can move a little more easily. It is best to be honest. That cash was not my own.” Laural stated that the De Pere’s salesman acknowledged her integrity by giving a portion of the money she returned to a charitable organization.

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