The young woman was reduced to heartbreaking tears after being reunited with the dog she thought she had lost in front of the gods the other day!

Fortunately, no one was injured, but the 200-pound Irish Wolfhound went missing after the collision. It didn’t take long for everyone to get out of the car and start tending to Fergus.

“We jumped out of the car and tried to find him, but he was just gone,” said Meredith McKay Luckett with DoDo. “As you can imagine, the fear went out of him, so he jumped.”

The frightened dog was nowhere to be found, but his family didn’t give up on him. They alerted the entire community and within an hour neighbors, friends and even strangers were trying to find Fergus, but to no avail.

“Less than 30 minutes after the accident people were combing the whole area to help find Fergus,” she said. “At one point there were cars within two miles of the crash site with their indicators on and going slowly. Was awesome.”

although she thought she had lost her gentle giant forever, Meredith never gave up hope and her faith was finally rewarded. Four days after her loss, Meredith’s family received the call they had been waiting for. Fergus has been found.

“I was still sleeping when my phone Ьᴜzzipɡ rang and they said, ‘You have your dog,’” she said.

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