This little pig lost his family but this affectionate dog decided to adopt him as one of his own.

Katjinga is a Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch, and Paulinchen is an absolutely adorable pot-bellied two-week-old sow who lost her mother but was thankfully adopted by Katjinga when she decided to adopt her. The dog did not hesitate to take care of Paulinchen, treating her like one more; he fell in love with this adorable little pig at first sight and vowed to save his life.

Paulinchen and Katjinga snuggled together, showing that they don’t care about the difference in species; A very special bond was formed between them. The girl even nursed the pig.

The adorable photos of the couple have gone viral on social media, garnering the attention of many. One of them shows Paulinchen trying to nurse his enormous new mother.

The two creatures share a massive 20-acre pasture in Hoerstel, Germany. Roland Adam, 54, and his wife Edit, 44, are Katjinga’s adoptive parents.

Roland is a real estate developer who discovered the pig absolutely weak and trying to survive after the rest of her family abandoned her one night after she was born.

“Feral pigs roam our property, and one sow gave birth to a litter of five pups in our forest. I discovered Paulinchen alone and she was quite cold when I picked her up.”

Katjinga raised the little boy as if he were her own son.
Roland continued:

“I was convinced that the local foxes would have caught the pig that night, so I took it home and handed it over to Katjinga. I had just finished a litter that is now 10 months old, so I thought there was a chance I could take on the responsibility of looking after her.”

According to Roland:

“Katjinga is the most wonderful mother I can imagine. He fell in love with the little pig at first sight. He immediately began cleaning it, as if it were one of his own puppies. She started producing milk again a few days later to nurse the sow. She clearly thought of him as her own son.

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