She sent a letter to God, and a minister responded.

Mykehia Curry, an 18-year-old woman from Macon, Georgia, will be the first person in her family to attend college. But she needed a little boost to finish paying for it all, WMGT-TV reported.

Hopeful about the future, Curry, who took out student loans to pay for tuition and housing at Albany State University in Georgia, turned to prayer, she told CNN.

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“I wrote a note that said, ‘God, please help me get the rest of my stuff for college,’” Curry explained, noting she tied the message to three helium balloons and let them go. “Then I said, ‘Amen. I love you God,’ and I wrote my name and number.”

Curry said she wrote the note as a simple prayer, uncertain of where the balloons and her written message might land. She assumed whoever found the note would just throw it away.

But where they ended up, Curry declared, was all part of God’s plan.

The trio of balloons and the note attached to them traveled about 15 miles northeast to a neighboring town, Gray, where a Baptist minister named Jerome Jones discovered them while he was working his other job at Georgia Power.

“I saw something shiny and floating, so I walked over there and I got it and it was balloons with a note tied to it,” Jones recalled. “They floated all night and they landed right in my hands. I mean, practically.”

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After finding the written prayer, Jones said he called the number on the note and offered to pay for whatever Curry needed — a gesture that left Curry “shocked and surprised.”

Jones and another member of his church purchased a comforter and refrigerator for the incoming college student, who is now moving into her new dorm. Curry said she plans to stay in touch with Jones to let him know how school is going.

The minister’s kindheartedness, Curry said, left everyone in her house in tears.

“It just lets you know there are still good people out there,” Curry’s mom, Katina Mitchell, said.

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