Every one of us passes through a hard patch at some point. We seek assistance from friends and family, as well as a higher power, or simply hope that someone will provide a hand or send us a sign.

Howard Kirby has had a terrible time in recent years due to a divorce, a family tragedy, and a health worry. Kirby, a new retiree from Michigan, just purchased a couch for his man cave from a Habitat for Humanity Restore.

In most homes, there are usually one or more sofas, and anything can be hidden inside them. Who hasn’t cleaned their couch and discovered chocolates, munchies, remote controls, and old coins?

But there was something else that Howard Kirby discovered…

He noticed that his couch was uncomfortable for a while but disregarded it. He and his family finally took a closer look.

He told WNEM, “I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming or something.”

Kirby discovered $43,170 within the ottoman, and he was under no legal obligation to return it. He had been down on his luck for a long time as a divorced guy, and the money could have helped him a lot. He’d lost a kidney, a family member to cancer, and his son had lost his job as well.

Even though he could have used the money for a variety of things, including a new roof, Kirby, a born-again Christian, didn’t feel right retaining it.

Instead, the altruistic man phoned the store, tracked down the couch’s donor, and repaid every money.

“Christ in me, as a born-again Christian, is the one who actually gave the money back,” Kirby explained. “Do you recall the bracelets, WWJD?” That’s exactly what Jesus would do.”

“To me, this is someone who says, ‘I’m just going to do the right thing,’ regardless what they’re going through – and despite their personal needs.” The store’s manager, Rick Merling, stated.

Kirby has gotten numerous offers of help since his community learned about his good deed.

“People want to do something for me just because I did something right.” “There’s a lot there, a lot of joy,” Kirby added.

The Newberry family wanted to reimburse Kirby after he returned the money to its rightful owner, Kim Newberry. They offered to fix his roof, but if they want to thank him, they’ll have to do so in an other way because Kirby’s roof is being replaced by Habitat for Humanity and a local builder.


Kirby told M Live, “I don’t know how to explain it, I’m blessed.” “It’s impossible for me to express how grateful I am.”

Kirby has also been the subject of a GoFundMe campaign, which has raised over $5,000 so far.

“I’m in awe of my good fortune. Because I did it, I’ve experienced so much peace and joy that $43,000 could never buy that kind of joy, serenity, or happiness.”

Kirby is a role model! When he had no commitment and could have spent the money on himself and his family, he returned thousands of dollars.

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