Jamie Nyland, a YouTube celebrity, gave his father Richard the surprise of a lifetime – and filmed it.

For many people, owning a home has been a lifelong desire, but not everyone has the opportunity to fulfill it.

And paying off your mortgage after years of monthly payments is a great accomplishment.

So, what if someone you care about paid off your entire mortgage for you? Jamie Nyland, a YouTube sensation, stunned his father Richard by telling him that he had done precisely that.

Jamie, 24, posted a video to his TikTok channel depicting the touching moment. Jamie enters his father’s room with the keys to the house in the video.

“Why did you give these to me?” his father wonders, perplexed.

Jamie responds, “I just paid off your mortgage.” “I just called the bank and paid off the entire balance on your mortgage.”

“You now possess the entire property.” I promise. You’ve worked your entire life and are now able to retire.” -JAMIE

Richard initially believes his son is playing a practical joke on him. He breaks down in tears as he sees Jamie is serious.

Before handing the keys back to his son, Richard remarks, “You’re the best son in the world.” “It’s written in the will.” The house is yours, and all I own is yours.”

“I really like you. I’ve put you in my will because you paid off my mortgage. I’ve set you up for life because you’ve retired me for life.”

“I love you, Dad,” says the caption at the end of the video.

This is not only an incredible present and gesture, but it also demonstrates the power of a wonderful father-son relationship: mutual support, sacrifice, and thanks. Jamie had enough money to pay his father’s mortgage. He took advantage of his accomplishment to thank the guy who reared him. And his father intended to leave the house to his son whatever. You can tell that both had each other’s backs, regardless of their financial status.

Source: thesun.co.uk

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