A California man out on a daily walk encountered a genuinely bizarre and potentially life-threatening situation — and his quick-thinking actions reportedly saved a woman from drowning.

Scot Wolfe, 56, said he was walking around Lindo Lake in Lakeside, California, Monday evening when he saw two women arguing; one of those women, who was allegedly intoxicated, yelled to herself and began to exhibit other strange behaviors, according to KGTV-TV.
“This woman was going in and out of traffic, almost hit by cars, so they called for her welfare,” Wolfe said.
Police soon arrived at the scene — and that’s when the situation took a more dire turn.
The 52-year-old woman entered the lake and repeatedly yelled at officers as she repeatedly went under the water and re-emerged to re-engage with cops.

The woman purportedly didn’t want officers in the water and threatened to tip over any rescue kayaks if they came near her.
After about 30 minutes, Wolfe, who was on the shore with cops trying to negotiate and help the woman, started to get nervous as she suddenly went underwater for at least 30 seconds.
Another bystander can be heard on video prompting Wolfe, who has a heart condition, to do something.
“She’s not moving. She’s sinking,” the woman said. “Come on. Seriously. Hurry, dude!”
So, Wolfe decided to take action, wading into the water to find the woman — a rescue caught on camera. Once he reached her, he saw she was unresponsive and that her lips were blue. He told officers, “She’s not breathing.”
“I was praying in my head, ‘God, help us save her. God, help us save her,’” the good Samaritan told KGTV-TV.
Wolfe started CPR in the water but realized it wouldn’t work. Once the woman was brought to shore, cops performed lifesaving measures, and the woman, initially lifeless, came to and is expected to survive.
As for Wolfe, he told people never to hesitate when pondering doing the right thing.
“Never be afraid to do what you’re supposed to do,” he said. “I wasn’t going to go home and think about her dying without me doing anything.”
Wolfe told KFMB-TV he’s not “some superhero” and that his actions were rooted in his humanity.
“It was just a guy who’s a dad, who’s a son, a father, grandpa,” he said. “And that is someone’s daughter, somebody’s sister, somebody’s mother, maybe. It was a human being.”
Some have questioned why police didn’t immediately wade into the water. A statement from the sheriff’s office noted cops spoke with the woman throughout the ordeal and offered her resources, which she rebuffed.
“Deputies requested a boat from the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team and also requested Sheriff’s Crisis Negotiations Team,” the statement read, in part. “Deputies remained at the lake so they could continually watch the woman and continue to speak with her as they waited for the additional resources.”
In the end, police assisted with her resuscitation and rescue.

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