Aina Townsend, a security guard in Maui, Hawaii, discovered a wallet left behind in a client’s shopping cart at the grocery store where he works one night. The 22-year-old took it upon himself to hand-deliver the wallet to the complete stranger at her address rather than leaving it in the lost and found.

Source: Maui Now/YouTube

However, the best craziest part was that he didn’t own a vehicle, forcing him to cycle three miles!

Source: Maui Now/YouTube

Aina’s act of kindness left Chloe Marino, her husband, and their children speechless. So after Aina had departed their house, Chloe’s husband posted a thank-you note on Facebook for the security guard. The power of social media then took over!

Source: Maui Now/YouTube

Their community and friends rallied together in just two weeks to raise over $25,000 on GoFundMe — enough to purchase Aina a 2017 VW Jetta and cover his insurance and gas expenses for the next six months! Aina was completely startled by the gift!

Click the video below to watch this story and Aina receive a car for his honesty and thoughtfulness!

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