The pair is 34 years apart in age. They married in 2018 and are the parents of two children.

In 2018, Richard Gere, 72, and Alejandra Silva, 38, married. With a 34-year age disparity, theirs is one of the most successful celebrity marriages. According to Crafty Diply, their marriage is proof that love recognizes no age barriers.

Richard and Alejandra met when she was much younger and Richard borrowed her father’s yacht for a film project. The pair started dating in 2014 when they were both going through divorce proceedings from their previous marriages. Silva discussed the early phases of her connection with Hello Magazine. “She stated,” she said “We were met by a mutual acquaintance, and we immediately felt a great bond. We couldn’t take our eyes off one other all night, and we haven’t been apart since.”

She said on their relationship’s tumultuous beginnings “Love tales with a tough beginning, when you must work together to overcome obstacles, may bring you closer… I’m sure I [had some reservations] at some time. He was more persuaded than I was at first. But we knew we were meant to be together from the beginning.” “The most modest, sensitive, caring, attentive, hilarious, giving man,” she said of Gere. She also made a remark on Gere’s proposal, adding, “This was a very private time between the two of us, but I can tell you that he proposed to me on my birthday in the most romantic hotel I’ve ever seen, in St Paul de Vence [in the south of France]. Just thinking about it makes me cry.”

Richard also told Hello Magazine that he is the “happiest man on the face of the planet!” “I’m married to a lovely lady who is brilliant, sensitive, dedicated to helping others, who is fun, patient, understands how to forgive, who is a terrific cook – and who makes the finest salads in the world!” he remarked. He went on to say, “Alejandra meditates, is a vegetarian, a wonderful mother, and has an angelic touch… plus she’s Spanish: the land of kings and queens, Cervantes and Buel… It doesn’t get any better than this.”

According to USA TODAY, the couple had their second child in April 2020. Alexander, their 3-year-old son, is also theirs. The pair maintains that their 34-year age difference hasn’t hampered their love and passion for each other. According to Silva, “It had to be this way in this life. He’s guaranteed me at least 20 years of happiness! I have to admit that he has a lot more energy than I do, and he’s a lot more active. It’s difficult for me to keep up with him.” “What has connected us the most is our desire to serve other people who need it, our devotion to Buddhism and the Tibetan people,” she said of what binds them together in marriage.

Alejandra converted to Buddhism before they married in a lovely wedding on Richard’s house outside of New York City. The bride and groom came in a tuk-tuk into the house, which had been turned into an Indian-inspired dream complete with Jaipur tents and Tibetan flags for their wedding. Their partnership is a fantastic example of how you may discover love at any age and be happier than you’ve ever been.


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