The royal family is famed for their magnificent estates, with members of the royal family living in exceedingly expensive and gorgeous mansions throughout the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II has access to a number of estates throughout the country, although she prefers to stay in Windsor. In 2021, she even spent the holidays at Windsor Castle.

There is a property on the Windsor estate that has never been occupied by the Queen, but might perhaps be the new home for some royal family members.

With their three gorgeous children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, Prince William and Kate Middleton currently reside at Kensington Palace. According to Woman and Home, William and Kate dwell in Kensington Palace’s Apartment 1A. They first relocated there in 2013, and once their eldest was born, they moved out for a brief time. The couple eventually returned and have been residing there ever since.

Beautiful rooms, gardens, and other luxuries appropriate for a royal family abound throughout the castle. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the most famous residents of the grounds, having lived there for many years and raising their children there together.

The Cambridge family was rumored to be moving to the Windsor estate in August 2021 in order to be closer to the Queen.

William and Kate have recently been eyeing the mansion that was set aside for them at the Queen’s Windsor estate, and it appears that this prospect is getting closer to becoming a reality.

According to the Scottish Daily Express, William and Kate are quite likely to move to the Windsor estate in the not-too-distant future. The Queen supposedly owns a home there that she has never used because it was put aside for her grandson and his family.

The Windsor estate’s residence is known as Fort Belvedere, which is located in Windsor Great Park. According to the Scottish Daily Express, it was built between 1750 and 1755 for Prince William Augustus. The castle is referred to as the fort by several members of the royal family.

The fort is owned by the Crown Estate and leased to the Weston family, who are close friends of the royal family, according to The Sun. Many royal family admirers refer to the fort as the “lost castle” because the Queen has never actually lived there.

Since it was erected, the house has undergone a number of transformations. It was later expanded by George IV, who constructed an octagonal dining room, a three-story annexe, and a huge flagpole. Queen Victoria utilized the property as a tea house in the 1860s, which was available to the public.

Prince Edward, who was formerly known as the Prince of Wales before changing his name to Edward VII and eventually the Duke of Windsor, lived in the castle. In 1936, he announced his abdication — the act of relinquishing the monarchy – at the home, and he also signed his written notice there.

According to the Scottish Daily Express, Gerald Lascelles, the Queen’s cousin, has lived in the forgotten castle for decades.

The Crown Estate also leases it out. The Daily Mail reported in August 2021 that William and Kate were “seriously considering” relocating to Windsor in order to be closer to the Queen. They had been “eyeing up” the various lodging possibilities to ensure that they and their three children would be a good fit.

The Palace aides first disregarded Fort Belvedere as a viable possibility in August 2021, but it appears that they have subsequently changed their minds. According to the Daily Mail, William and Kate’s transfer to the Windsor estate would be both strategic and practical as the monarchy prepares for the inevitable changes that will occur in the coming years.

Furthermore, they would be able to adapt their schedule to accommodate their probable new residence’s location. The family would still have to commute to London because George and Charlotte go to school there, but they could make Windsor their permanent residence and travel to London as needed.

Despite the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s interest in moving to Windsor, there is no confirmation that they will do so. According to the Scottish Daily Express, they would be surrounded by family because Prince Edward and his wife Sophie Wessex live there. The move would also bring Kate closer to her parents, who live 40 miles away in Bucklebury, Berkshire, according to the Daily Mail.

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