Getting a job that you enjoy is a cause for celebration for most folks. After all, we need a job to pay our expenses, don’t we? Right. However, there is already a heated argument on Twitter about whether pushing our children to work at a young age is a good or bad thing.

Chris Crawford, a pleased father, shared a few photos of his 14-year-old son on Facebook. His objective was to brag about his son in the way that a proud parent would. He described his son’s part-time job at Burger King and how he is attempting to save money for a car. “Not only does he work every day he can, including weekends when other youngsters are out enjoying their summer vacation,” he added, “but he also goes in early and stays late practically every time he works, and he enjoys every minute of it.” Making his own money, putting money aside for a car, making good decisions, and growing into a decent young guy!!! I’m so proud of him!”

While Crawford is pleased of his son for working hard and saving money, others are furious that a dad would encourage his child to work rather than enjoy his youth. One Twitter user retweeted the article and expressed her thoughts on it. “God, this is depressing,” she wrote.

This Twitter user is far not the only one who thinks a 14-year-old working “every day he can” is an issue. Many people responded to the tweet with concerns about the boy’s current and future circumstances.

He’s definitely A. Avoiding home life by working 24/7B. Going to over work himself to the point that he’ll be jaded to actual hard work later in life when it should countC. Going to have difficulties learning moderation, because his extremism is rewardedD. all of the above

— pfizer, wbu (@abientotdev) June 10, 2021

Others made comparisons between this 14-year-childhood old’s and their own.

Some spoke up in support of the 14-year-old who was working, claiming that those who claim there is a problem are the ones who are the true issue.

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