Flying may seem as easy to most people as driving a car, but for others, it is a serious phobia that requires a lot of courage to conquer.

If you fly frequently, you will ultimately become accustomed to the sensation of being in the air. However, if you haven’t been on an aircraft in a long time, even boarding might be stressful.

That was the situation with Virginia, an elderly lady who was traveling from San Diego to Nashville on a Southwest Airlines aircraft in July 2019.

Megan Ashley, a fellow passenger, related what occurred to the frightened grandmother and how she made it through the flight with the assistance of her “flying angel.”

Megan said she overheard Virginia expressing she was frightened since she hadn’t flown in 15 years in a Facebook post.

She was travelling to Kansas City for her birthday celebrations with her family, but as delighted as she was to see them, she wasn’t looking forward to the flight.

Virginia asked the man sat beside her whether he would mind holding her hand throughout takeoff. Fortunately, the stranger was more than willing to help.

An elderly woman holding a man's hand during a flight

Ashley’s tweet adds, “She asked for this man’s hand before takeoff and then hugged him again after experiencing turbulence.” “This guy, I might say, willingly held her hand in his, let her hang on to him, soothed her by talking to her and explained all that was going on, and was simply that stranger there for her.”

Megan claimed that a guy called Ben went above and above in looking after the 96-year-old during the flight and afterwards.

Ben assisted Virginia in standing up when she needed to use the toilet and stood there watching her walk down the aisle. He also helped her get off the plane and into the wheelchair by holding her suitcase. And when she became confused and wondered where her daughter had gone, the Good Samaritan waited with her until she was reunited with her kid.

Virginia was so thankful that she insisted on giving Ben her airplane pretzels.

An elderly woman holding a man's hand during a flight

After seeing the stranger’s compassionate behavior toward the woman, Megan stated she “walked away shedding joyful tears.”

“Congratulations, sir, on your wonderful heart and compassion for someone you’ve never met. I’ve never felt so moved on a plane before. Megan concluded her message, “This definitely made my week.”

Many individuals expressed their admiration for this man’s unselfish behavior in the comments section.

“Oh my goodness!” exclaims the speaker. Megan, that was the loveliest tale. We must remember that the globe has many gentler people than is shown in the news! “God bless them both!” said one.

Another added, “What a real humanitarian, basic gentle love gestures from the heart.”

Others had their own meeting with a “flying angel.”

“I recall travelling and a 14-year-old girl reaching across the aisle taking my hand in hers and holding it during takeoff. She assured me that everything would be OK. “I was 28 years old at the time,” one said.

“They brought me into the cockpit and introduced me to the pilots, so I could see the control, and the stewardess checked on me frequently on my last trip since they realized I was worried. It was merely a two-hour trip. At the moment, I was 36 years old.”

Megan stated that one of Ben’s family members spotted her post a few days after she published it in a remark from a year ago. That individual contacted her, and the two have communicated several times since then.

“His family was very moved. Megan commented in the comments, “He deserved to know how much this gesture meant to everyone who saw it.”

Stories like these inspire us to trust in the inherent goodness in everyone of us. Please spread the word so that others might be inspired to be kind!


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