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In New Testament times, people wore sandals and walked on dusty roads. Their feet quickly became dirty. So, when someone invited guests over for dinner, they provided a servant to wash the feet of the guests.

That sounds like a disagreeable job to me! But it was an important sign of hospitality and kindness.

This is the context for the account in the book of John of Jesus and His disciples preparing to have their final Passover meal together.

It seems that Jesus was the only one who had thought to provide the necessary foot-washing service. He was the Creator of heaven and earth, yet He knelt and washed the dirty, smelly feet of His disciples.

He did it because He loved them, but also to make a point. He told them: “I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you.” 

Our attitude as followers of Jesus should be one of humble service to others.

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