When no one showed up for her son’s birthday celebration, more than 100 firefighters arrived to brighten his day.

Susan Casado had expected 15 to 20 people to attend her son Shemuel (Shemy) Casado’s fourth birthday celebration, but was upset when just one person showed up: her brother.

Susan had no idea that her brother had started inviting more guests to the party via a local Facebook group. Even though they had never met before, a lady came to their house and asked for the birthday boy. Susan thought to herself, “This is strange.” Strangers continued to arrive, and it was then that she recognized her brother was involved, and she was finally shown his Facebook post.

Susan was now embarrassed by the lack of food she had prepared, but visitors were unconcerned about eating since they had come to” make Shemy’s day,” and the party was rocking by the time the guests of honor arrived. The celebration was joined by firefighters from St. Johns County Fire Rescue.

“The first thing that sprang to me was, ‘Is everyone okay?’ ‘Has anyone been hurt?’ “Then they said, ‘We’re coming here to wish Shemy a happy birthday,’” Susan recalls. ‘We brought you a large toy, we brought you a fire truck,’ they added.

Despite the fact that Shemy has Down syndrome and is not particularly communicative, she said that he thanked everyone who stopped by with hugs and big grins. She admitted that her birthday was June 15 as well, but that she had no plans to celebrate it since “it was all about my baby,” she explained.

When she inquired as to why her brother did what he did, he stated that his nephew deserved a happy birthday, and the firefighters present stated that it was part of their duty. One of the firemen, Jeremy Robshaw, stated that all they wanted to do was “bring a smile” to Shemy’s face. “We always aim to do the right thing as a Department,” Robshaw adds, “and despite the praise the crew has received for going, it was really a simple decision to show out and support the young kid and hopefully create a beautiful memory.”

Susan should start planning for Shemy’s fifth birthday right now, because with over a hundred people attending his fourth, we’re not sure how many will show up the next time.

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