Hannah Mongie, who was 18 at the time, gave birth to a lovely child in 2016.
Unfortunately, Kaden, her lover and the baby’s father, died shortly after she became pregnant. Because of this, she didn’t think she’d be able to raise her son on her alone. Hannah was forced to make the painful choice of placing her son for adoption.

The young woman realized that her child deserved a pleasant and carefree existence, and that he or she would receive it from a loving family. She made an emotional video in which she explains why she decided to adopt her child. She says in the video, through tears:

“I made this decision out of real love for you, knowing that I couldn’t provide you with what you required.”

Hannah was adamant about finding her child the perfect family.

Brad and Emily Marsh, her son’s adoptive parents, were finally introduced to her. She fell in love with them since they got along so well. They came up with the name Taggart Kaden Marsh for the baby. Hannah had barely 48 hours with her child before having to hand him over to his new family.

Since then, they’ve been in an open adoption arrangement. Brad and Emily accept Hannah as a legitimate family member, and she never misses an opportunity to see her son. Mongie was captivated by the Marshes’ approach to adoption, as they had previously adopted another child through an open adoption. In an interview, they claim to have a healthy, balanced relationship with one another. Everyone is at ease and secure in their parenting roles.

Tagg is currently spending time with his extended family, reminiscing about his childhood. He has two other siblings, both of whom were adopted openly. The children’s biological mothers play an important part in their lives. Hannah hopes to get the education and experience she needs to be a caring wife and mother one day.

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