The blessing is exceptionally precious for Ashley Ness, a mother carrying two sets of identical twins. And the reason for that is that it follows the agony of losing four infants.

All mothers treasure the gift of being given the vocation to motherhood. regardless of whether they have one child or six. However, for Ashely Ness, it’s a gift that God not only multiplied into four more small blessings but also doubled!

Ashley describes the pain she went through before even becoming a mother. Ashley had lost two infants through miscarriage before giving birth to Chanel, her sole child. But when she lost two more pregnancies, her heart was torn apart once more.

Ashley was happy to have her daughter and figured she would not have any more children unless she decided to adopt her boyfriend’s children after their marriage. She was content to be a mother to his three kids and believed four was enough.

As a result, Ashley never anticipated finding out she was pregnant when she walked in for a routine appointment. She was shocked yet delighted to welcome a new kid into their family. But she was in for more miracles from God!

Ashley learned she was expecting identical twins in two sets. She is expecting twin sets of boys and twin sets of girls. What are the possibilities of that happening? one in 70,000,000.

As soon as Ashley heard the news, her mind raced to the four infants she was grieving, and she remarked, “They all came back to me.” Her rainbow children are filled with so many hopes and blessings. This fall, she can’t wait to hold these priceless marvels in her arms.

“It’s been incredible. I felt terrible at first, but now I feel amazing,” she remarked. She is now looking forward to the big day with her partner and the kids. Although I’m due on October 18 technically, I’ll have babies between August 9 and August 23, according to Ashley.

Her family is currently expanding their home to make room for the additional family members who will be joining them this fall as they double their family size to a group of ten! No of the level of grief we experience, God always finds a way to multiply and restore his love, gifts, and benefits.

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