It’s all too easy in today’s environment for people to pass judgment without first trying to understand and empathize.

Even the world’s most handsome people would be criticized, mocked, and dismissed.

Despite this tragic reality, some people are stepping forward to use social media to inspire, educate, and promote joy.

When Savannah Combs gave birth on May 12, 2021, her heart was brimming with joy.

Her twin daughters were delivered to her, and they were flawless.

Even before she gave birth, Combs knew her daughters were special.

Kennadi and Mckenli are mono/di twins. Although each of the girls had her own sack, the placenta was shared.

The narrative of these twins then took another turn.

Mosaic Down syndrome is a very unusual disorder that affects one out of every two million people, according to the sisters.

Combs had previously spoken with her doctors about her twins. She didn’t seem bothered by the news.

Instead, every time the doctors told her they were still alive, she felt relieved and appreciative.

“Every [prenatal] appointment they were alive was a blessing to me,” Combs told TODAY.

Kennadi and Mckenli were born six weeks before their due date, making them preterm babies.

The twins had to stay at the Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville for over two months.

Many people would judge Combs and her children, but they were the perfect fit for her.

Her children, she added, are just like the rest of us.

They have personalities and moods, and they laugh, weep, scream, laugh, cry, scream, laugh, cry, scream, laugh, cry, scream, laugh, cry, scream, Kennadi is constantly upbeat and vivacious. She calls her a “sunshine ray,” according to her.

Mckenli, on the other hand, is her twin sister’s polar opposite. According to Combs, she’s a big diva.

“They have feelings, beating hearts, and they know how to interact and do what you do, and they will get there.” “Even if they’re a step behind,” Combs told News4Jax, “they’re going to complete it.”

After Comb’s TikTok videos went viral, the twins gained a large following.

Who couldn’t fall in love with their vivacious personalities? They’re also rather adorable.

There are still individuals who attempt to make hurtful remarks.

Combs goes out of his way to react to questions and be understanding.

It’s not easy for her, but you can see how much her twins changed her life and would soon influence the lives of many others.

The twins go to speech, occupational, and physical therapy once a week.

Of fact, these two have been accomplishing all of their objectives.

We are so proud of this mother for being so thoughtful. Her bundles of joy have been shown to us, and they will certainly make you smile.

Always remember to treat everyone with respect.

Look the video here!


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