Mother, 38, overcomes medical odds to give birth to TWO sets of triplets in a matter of years – after falling pregnant for the second time spontaneously while undergoing IVF treatment.

After two sets of triplets, a couple who underwent IVF after years of infertility now has their hands full.

After failing to conceive naturally, Courtney Garrett, 38, and her husband Philip, 42, of New Orleans opted to IVF and were ‘ecstatic’ to learn they were expecting triplets after having two embryos implanted, one of which split.

Courtney had two embryos implanted, one of which split, and they welcomed their first triple in September 2009.

They decided to try again with IVF in the hopes of giving Jack, Oliver, and Ellie a younger sibling.

Courtney had a single embryo implanted in 2016 and found out she was pregnant soon after, but was taken aback when an ultrasound indicated she was carrying triplets for the second time.

Because they all sprang from the same egg, the siblings are identical when this happens.

According to Courtney and Philip’s reproductive specialist, Sissy Sartor of the Fertility Institute, the possibility of that happening while also giving birth to two sets of triplets is ‘very uncommon,’ and she has never encountered a case like theirs.

After Courtney’s Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome stopped her from ovulating consistently and leaving her unable to conceive, she and Philip decided to pursue in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The process involves fertilizing the woman’s egg outside of her body and implanting it back into her womb.

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