This Ecuadorian pair has outperformed everyone’s expectations. Their record-breaking marriage began with a private wedding ceremony and has now lasted nearly 80 years!

True love lasts a lifetime.

Every now and again, you’ll come across a truly unique relationship. Love that lasts a lifetime is something that can stand the test of time.

The love flame has always been present for one Ecuadorian couple.

It was there 75 years ago, and it continues to be there today.

From Quito, Ecuador, meet Waldramina Maclovia Quinteros Reyes and Julio Cesar Mora Tapia.

They aren’t like the majority of couples. Not in the least.

They’ve actually been married for 79 years!

Their union has lasted longer than the majority of people’s lives! That’s incredible.

So, what exactly is their backstory? Of course, every great romance has a fantastic backstory!

It’s no different with them.

On February 7, 1941, they tied the knot.

During Waldramina’s school vacation over 80 years ago, the young romantics fell in love.

They’ve been together ever since, overcoming every challenge the world has thrown at them.

Their relatives protested to their romance when they initially met. That, however, was not going to deter them.

“It wasn’t easy because our relatives didn’t get along, but with time and care, we were able to bring them together, and we became an example and the best example for future generations.”

Their love blossomed into the strong flower we see today as a result of their perseverance.

In truth, their wedding was held in secrecy.

From the beginning, they’ve been breaching the rules!

The couple’s incredible story went viral recently. Their everlasting love is now on display for all to see.

Guinness World Records just recognized them. Julio and Waldramina are currently the oldest married couple on the planet.

To put it another way, they are the world’s oldest married couple by a long shot.

They have a total of 214 years of experience between them. The secret has become a shining example for the rest of the world.

The most important things in life stand the test of time. Their love is unbreakable like a solid rock.

A world war, the Cold War, the first moon landing, and now a global pandemic have all happened on this rock.

What’s the secret of their success?

For so long, they’ve had the pleasure of sharing their lovely lives! Some people are meant to be together.

They were both teachers when they were younger. They’re now happily retired, ensconced in the warm embrace of their family.

They enjoy going to the movies and having large family dinners. That’s just right. They are the parents of five children, eleven grandchildren, twenty-one great-grandchildren, and nine great-great-grandchildren! Their biggest achievement, they believe, is their family. Julio and Waldramina are extremely proud of their five immediate children, who have all graduated from college.

Julio and Waldramina’s lives have been filled with love and prosperity despite their early difficulties.

Their love is unaffected by the changes in the world. They’ve always had each other, through thick and thin.

After all these years, nothing has changed.

They may now reap the benefits of their love for their growing family.

They’ve always had a lot of love to give and continue to do so. Their bond is extremely inspirational.

Even the coronavirus hasn’t been able to slow them down.

They’re getting by with the support of immediate family these days.

They haven’t seen extended relatives in a long time, but they’re holding out hope. Hopefully, this will happen shortly.

The seeds of their original secret have grown into a lovely, caring family throughout the course of their lives.

Julio is now 110 years old, while Waldramina is 104.

What are your thoughts on Julio and Waldramina’s love story? They’re almost a century old, healthy, and still look out for one other.

In the video player below, you can see the whole Inside Edition story with the adorable Ecuadorian couple.

We may all learn a thing or two about enduring love from them.

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Here is the video!

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