Do you have a hobby or a favorite pass time? How far would you go for it? Would you spend a lot of money on equipment? Would you get a tattoo of it on your arm?

Now, this Oklahoma man decided to build a house that would make his hobby more easily accessible at all times.

Paul Phillips, a contractor in the Skiatook area, has built many houses in the area over the years. But all this time he has had a dream that he didn’t know if he would ever manage to realize: build a home that would allow him to practice his hobby any time he liked.

Paul’s hobby is none other than fishing. So much so that he even has a favorite lake for that- Lake Oologah. Not only that, but he even has a favorite spot in the lake, too. Unfortunately, he was recently told that he can’t fish there- and that really disappointed him.

“One of these days I’ll have a place of my own and nobody can tell me I can’t fish there,” he told the local news.

And so he did. He bought a large piece of land and then rented a backhoe and dug out the pond. Once that was done, he hired a contractor to start building his dream home.

The 1,850 square feet building has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a large living room, in the middle of which there’s a large hole which, once open, it allows you to fish directly from there and down into the pond. The four-by-four hole is placed right by the fireplace, so Mr Phillips will be able to enjoy the warmth while practicing his favorite hobby.

However, it seems that the elderly man wasn’t the only one who is excited about this endeavor. Phillip’s neighbors were also excited to see the pond house ready.

“The lady next door, she loves to fish and and this lady here, she can’t wait ’til spring to get here so she can hear the frogs a hollerin’,” he told the reporters.

The carpenter that was hired for the job admitted he had never built anything like this before, but it was kind of fun. Apart from the living room, there was also plenty of room for the man to fish on three different sides of the porch surrounding the house.

Much as this venture sounds challenging, the man didn’t plan to stop there. Paul’s plans for the future were to live in that house for a while and then sell it in order to make enough money to buy a bigger house with a bigger pond so he would be able to catch bigger fish!

This amazing story came to teach us that it’s never too late to chase your dreams and no idea is crazy enough to not be realized! Paul had the vision, the will, and determination to make his dream come true, and that’s something he must be very proud of himself for.

Watch below to learn more of this passionate fisherman’s story.
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