Meet Yоgi, the dog with the face of a man (video).

Meet Yogi, an adorable Shih-tz/Poodle mix who is taking the internet by storm. No, he doesn’t have a special talent or anything, but after his first appearance on Reddit, people started to notice something special about his appearance.

His face resembles that of a man. My goodness, a sweet baby. I say Yogi looks cute and cute.

listen to me man Look me in the eyes. If that is all. Now, I know you think the leash is important to keep me from leaving, especially now that the bitches in this nice little neighborhood of our brothers are in heat, but I’m not you.

Let’s leave it at home, huh? Not to be more spicy, dogs are people, we do not recognize them as such because they are a different species.

Look the following video:

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