Kenny Rogers had an incredible life full of success and international recognition. However, his personal life was not always pleasant. He was unlucky in love until he met Wanda Miller. The singer was married five times. However, her last marriage to Miller was the kiss of true love she needed.

The relationship was blessed with children and was ultimately a happy union. What turned out to be a fairy tale romance was coined through the webs of fate.
Kenny met his wife while she was on duty at a restaurant in Atlanta. He had a blind date, but ended up in love with the lady from the restaurant.

Much later, the singer called the restaurant to ask about Miller. When the news reached him, he thought it was a joke. However, they convinced Miller to call back, which started something new.
Consequently, their romance progressed and even became a happy ending, though it initially ran into its fair share of problems.

Miller, born in Lowndes County, was twenty-eight years younger than Kenny. In addition, her husband was two years older than her parents.
At first, Miller’s parents were skeptical about their romance, but they learned to accept things and be happy. Similarly, Kenny was not oblivious to his feelings; instead, he promised to treat his daughter well. In his words:
On June 1, 1997, the couple shared their vows at the singer’s Georgian ranch. Some six years later, Kenny, already the father of three children, welcomed twin boys with his new wife.

Kenny Rogers becomes a father at 66
When he married Miller, the “Lady” singer was already the father of three children from his previous marriages, so he agreed not to have any more babies.

On the other hand, a much younger Miller did not object. She shared the same conviction with her husband until two or three years later.

On her 31st birthday, she asked Kenny if they could at least have a child. The singer thought about it and decided to give it a try. As he recounts his decision to expand the family, he
Soon Miller, who also had a twin sister, became pregnant and it was realized that she was carrying twins. Although they had negotiated for one, Kenny found it “totally overwhelming.” He mentioned:

“When they told me they were twins, man, I was excited. Wanda was too.”

Kenny Rogers retired to enjoy fatherhood
After more than forty years in the music business, blessing fans with huge hits and earning worthy recognition, the singer decided to hit the brakes on his career.
Kenny’s inspiration for retirement was not because he had lost touch with fans or music, but because of his love for his twins.

In 2016, during an interview with, days before his last tour, “The Gambler’s Last Deal,” in Taipei, Taiwan, the singer admitted that he had to choose between his first love, music, and his family. Keny shared:

“I hope my fans understand that I’m a father first and a singer second. Turns out I’m missing out on some very important parts of my children’s lives. I know as well as anyone how that time slips away.” you. And I don’t want to miss it.”

The country music singer said he wasn’t sure how much time he had to spend with his kids. This influenced his decision not to have children in his old age.

Kenny maintained that it bothered him not to be there to celebrate their milestones, including birthdays and college admissions.
Amid the fears and speculation, the Grammy winner didn’t spend all his time counting his losses. Instead, Kenny invested in making memories with his children, who he says have made his life better. In his words:

“But it’s that half-full/half-empty thing, because my kids now bring me so much joy and are such a blessing to Wanda and me. They’ve brought us together in a way that even sex can’t.” “

Long before he retired, Kenny had been involved in his children’s lives, and in the days leading up to his final tour, Justin and Jordan became part of his touring group.
The singer took them on one-off tours in the UK and Asia. This experience was to record a lasting memory in their lives. According to the music icon:
On March 20, 2020, the Rogers patriarch breathed his last at his home. He was surrounded by family who revealed that he died a peaceful death of natural causes and was under hospice care.
Kenny died at the age of 81. He was a loving husband and father who understood the value of working and leaving an inheritance for his family.

Although he made the list of most expensive celebrity divorces, the singer was worth an estimated $250 million at the time of his death.
On Father’s Day, Jordan updated a post via Instagram, where he wished the deceased a Happy Father’s Day, adding that he misses him.

Jordan, now 18, works at the Café where the family established a weekend ritual called “super Saturday.” They often visited the place with his father, and despite his heritage, he seemed excited to be part of the establishment’s staff.

Truly, Kenny’s memories and legacy live on with his twins, who already understand the importance of paving their own path and working hard.

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