John Travolta has been in sorrow since his wife Kelly Preston, who died of breast cancer at the age of 57, was confirmed dead last month. Their romance was one of Hollywood’s greatest—here, we look back at their relationship and how the actor has dealt with the loss of his family.

Preston died after a two-year “courageous battle” with breast cancer, which she kept hidden from the public. Travolta shared the news of her death on Instagram, writing:

“It is with great sadness that I inform you that my lovely wife Kelly has succumbed to breast cancer after a two-year battle. With the affection and support of so many people, she fought a heroic battle. My family and I will be eternally grateful to her MD Anderson Cancer Center doctors and nurses, as well as all the other medical centers that have assisted her, as well as her many friends and loved ones who have stood by her side. Kelly’s love and life will be remembered forever.”

The couple met at a screen test for their 1989 film The Experts in the late 1980s, but because Kelly was married at the time, it took them a few years to get together. However, by September 1991, the pair had married, first in France and then in Florida.

Following that, the pair discussed having children, with Kelly telling Entertainment Tonight, as reported by People magazine, “We plan to have some babies.” We’re currently practicing. For the next ten years, I might be barefoot and pregnant.”

Jett, their first son, was born with Autism Spectrum Disorder and was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease at the age of 15 months. He started having seizures when he was two years old.

Let’s fast forward to the year 2000, when Ella Bleu, their daughter, was born. The family of four was having a good time until tragedy struck. Jett died on January 2, 2009, after suffering a seizure. The family grieved for a long time, despite the fact that an extortion plan surrounding Jett’s death further added to the misery.

However, the family received some good news in 2011 when Benjamin, their second son, was born. Travolta claimed in an interview with People magazine at the time that their baby son had “gave the house a renewed spirit and purpose.”

But, unfortunately, tragedy hit their joyful family not long after, when Preston died this year. Travolta stated in his Instagram post announcing the news that he would be devoting time to his family, writing:

“I’ll be spending some time with my children, who have recently lost their mother, so please bear with us if you don’t hear from us for a bit. But just know that when we heal in the coming weeks and months, I will feel your love.”

It must be really difficult for the entire family, especially John, who has been through so much. His romance with Kelly was legendary, and we express our heartfelt condolences to the entire family during this terrible time.

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