A moving video of an elderly woman being baptized and carried out of a pool by a caring pastor is making the rounds on social media — and the imagery is powerful.

The clip was first shared Sunday by Ryan Burton King, pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Wood Green, London.

King said his brother, Regan Burton King — also a preacher — is the man featured in the clip.

“It has been an excellent day, but this video of my brother [Regan Burton King] baptizing a frail and elderly woman who is newly trusting in Christ, then picking her up and carrying her out of the baptismal pool, has made it,” King wrote. “Blessed be the Lord!”

The video shows King speaking to the woman before gently dunking her under the water. The pastor then hugged her and helped lift her out of the baptismal pool.

In a separate tweet of his own, Regan Burton King, the preacher in the video, said the 77-year-old woman’s name is Susan.

This previously agnostic new believer has been struggling with Parkinson’s disease, among other issues, but is “now trusting Jesus as Messiah and Lord of her life,” according to King.

But it’s the line King concluded with that provides the deeply stirring reminder we all need.

“As surely as the devil is a liar, he is also a loser,” he wrote. “Jesus always wins.”

This is an essential reality for us all to ponder. It’s never too late to accept Jesus.

If there are people in your life who are aging and who’ve yet to put their faith in Christ, don’t give up; invoke the Lord on their behalf, because you never know when they might find Him.

It’s truly never too late.

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