A northern Indiana police officer went way beyond the call of duty when he and his wife added a new addition to their family.

Thanks to the kind and compassionate movement of Mishawaka, Indiana Police Officer Bruce Faltynski and his wife Shelby, a previously abandoned baby now has a home, a mother, father, and big sister.

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Bruce and Shelby’s decision to bring baby Myah home and add her to their family comes just months after the girl was abandoned in a baby crate at a northern Indiana firehouse. To further complicate the start of Myah’s life, doctors placed the delivered baby in the children’s intensive care unit. The medical team concluded that the baby had suffered a stroke.

The Hoosier State Safe Haven Law allows people to drop off children who are no more than 45 days old anonymously without any legal repercussions.

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The tender move from Indiana police officer Bruce and his wife Shelby is all the more surprising given the fact that just months earlier they had brought another child into their home, 8-year-old Kaia, after finalizing her adoption when they received a social call. services saying that young Myah needed a home.

Indiana Police Officer Adopts Baby Girl
In an interview with Fox News, sitting amongst his happy family, Bruce detailed his and Shelby’s journey and how they became parents to not one, but two beautiful girls.

“Our foster journey started with, we were just foster parents to Kaia. And when we got the chance to adopt Kaia after a year of caring for her, we went through foster parent to adopter training and through that training that’s which allowed us to be on a list of adoptive parents,” Bruce said.

Brand new big sister Kaia, as photos progressed showing the 8-year-old lovingly doting on her baby sister, brought up her experience having a sibling.

“Because I’m a big sister, I get to hold her, feed her and play with her because she’s so much fun to be around,” Kaia said.

As for Shelby’s feelings towards the girls’ birth mothers, Shelby, while holding her two beautiful adopted daughters, feels nothing but love and admiration for the two women.

“We will always be grateful for Kaia’s mom and Myah’s mom. Both girls are so blessed to have two moms who love them and want only the best for them,” Shelby said.

Despite Myah’s rather rocky start, Bruce and Shelby happily report that the boy has improved considerably since suffering a stroke. She is progressing and behaves like any other child her age.

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