In the late 1970s, Grace McNeil abandoned her family and returned to England. She had been suffering from postnatal depression for a long time.

Hugh Jackman, the iconic actor who played Logan in the X-Men films, posted a photo on Instagram with his mother, Grace McNeil. Fans went crazy over his nice gesture, which he tagged “Mum.” According to the Daily Mail, it took the actor a long time to accept his mother, who abandoned him when he was only eight years old. Jackman struggled to cope with the horrors he was subjected to, but he has allowed time to heal his wounds. In the photo, he appears to be very happy, smiling and hugging his mother. Fans have swamped the post with supportive and loving messages.

@aleja anias, a user, commented on the photo, “You have raised a gentleman, ma’am. Respectfully, I salute both of you.” However, Jackman’s supporters quickly corrected them, with one user, @ckdgmlgks, writing, “Actually his father raised him,” referring to his mother abandoning him when he was a toddler. In 1967, Jackman’s parents and four older siblings moved to Australia as part of a settlement plan. According to Newsweek, actor Hugh Jackman was born the next year in Sydney. However, when Jackman was just eight years old, his mother abandoned the household. She returned to England, where she was born, and left her husband, Christopher Jackman, with all of her children.

He discussed this in the 9-minute segment 60 Minutes. Now it’s your turn “I recall her saying goodbye with a towel wrapped around her head. It had to be the way she said goodbye: ‘I went off to school, and when I returned, there was no one there in the house.’” He said, “A telegraph from England arrived the next day. Mum was present. And that was the end of it. Every night, Dad prayed that Mum would return.” When the couple divorced, Hugh’s sisters, Zoe and Sonya, returned to the United Kingdom to live with Grace, while Hugh and his brothers, Ian and Ralph, stayed in Sydney with their father, according to the Daily Mail.

The star of The Greatest Showman is a father of two children who describes his father as his “rock.” He goes on to say, “It was there that I learnt everything there is to know about loyalty, dependability, and being there every day, no matter what…. Always, it’s about the family.” The actor, who is married to Deborra-Lee Furness, claims that his father has always asked him, “How’s Deb?” before asking him anything else. “The thing I never felt – and I know this might sound crazy – I never felt like my mum didn’t love me,” he told Australian Women’s Weekly in 2012, according to the Daily Mail. He claims to have spoken with her and recognizes that she was having difficulties. He continued, “After I was born, she was admitted to the hospital with post-natal depression. There was no one here who could help her.”

In 2011, he told The Sun that he had discovered his mother was suffering from acute post-natal depression. “As I grew older, I came to see why Mum did leave,” he recalls. He also claims that before he left, he had an excellent relationship with her. “I’m 43 now, and we’ve obviously made our peace, which is crucial,” he added.

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