Don’t Look Up, a new film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, is now in theaters. On December 24, 2021, NetFlix began streaming the film. He recounted that his two Siberian Huskies went into the frigid lake while filming his part, and he had to leap in to save them.

Leonardo, 47, and his four-year girlfriend, Camila Morrone, acquired two Siberian Huskies named Jack and Jill in 2019. They then adopted a third dog, Sally, whom they named. The three canines were born and bred in California, so they’ve never seen an ice lake before. One of the dogs slipped into the cold lake as Leonardo was filming his parts on the set of “Don’t Look Up.”

“One of the dogs fell in, and Leonardo jumped into the ice lake to save the dog,” Jennifer Lawrence, 31, remembered her version of the rescue event. The other dog jumped into the water as soon as he pushed the first one out.”

“Well, the second one started kissing the one who was drowning, and then we were all in the freezing lake together,” he explained, characterizing the occurrence as a “shocking experience” for the canines, who are used to swimming in warmer waters in California.

Despite the fact that Leonardo was calm at the time he told the story, he admits to being apprehensive throughout the rescue. Immersion in frigid water can cause hypothermia, which can lead to death. Despite the cold and his fear, Leonardo jumped into the chilly waters to save the dogs, demonstrating that he is a decent and responsible master.

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