A Knoxville man saved the day Wednesday after he was driving down the road and noticed smoke coming from the back of a home.

The man immediately jumped into action and called 911 around 7:15 a.m., but that’s not all.

He also parked his car and knocked on the door to let the homeowner know what was unfolding — a genuinely kind and potentially life-saving act considering how early in the morning the fire broke out.

The woman and her dog safely and quickly exited, WBIR-TV reported.

The good Samaritan also proceeded to use a hose to try and put out the fire, which likely helped prevent further damage to the structure.

“This action likely kept the home from further damage,” Asst. Fire Chief Mark Wilbanks told media. “The home has sustained moderate fire damage to a rear portion and smoke damage throughout the house.”

The fire was put out in around eight minutes.

The home didn’t have working smoke alarms, according to WATE-TV.

Officials are investigating what caused the fire.

The good Samaritan’s kind actions remind us of the importance of loving others and sacrificially helping out if and when we see someone in need.

The man could have kept on driving, but he instead stopped, knocked, and even tried to stop the home from burning.

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