Rory Feek was left alone with his small daughter Indiana when his wife Joey died. He knew he shouldn’t fall to sadness, so he did his best to be strong for his daughter. Rory’s father and daughter got hundreds of letters of support after Rory’s wife died of cancer, and friends and family have been there for them every step of the way.

Rory has a blog called “This Life to Live,” in which he chronicles his and his daughter’s lives. Rory is committed to being the single dad of his young daughter Indiana. He knows the work would be difficult without the girl’s mother, but he feels Joey will accompany him on the voyage in spirit.

As if this task wasn’t enough, Rory now has to cope with yet another obstacle. Some people believe that a little girl born with Down syndrome, like Indiana, is a mistake. They incorrectly feel that his child would never be able to live a normal life, which is obviously not the case.

Rory is well aware that these people’s stupidity is simply that: ignorance. He sees his lovely daughter as a gift from God rather than a mistake, just as any normal child would. Rory opens one of his blogs, “Crib Notes,” by saying, “God doesn’t make errors.”

Indiana’s peculiarities, he says, do not make her any less valued than other children. Her life is just as important as everyone else’s. In childhood, her sentiments and dreams are just as essential as they will be as an adult.

Rory writes about his encounters with children with special needs, and how he believes they all have the same value as other children. In his piece, he included some sobering data concerning the amount of mothers who terminate their infants after learning that they have Down syndrome. The figure is as high as 90%, which is alarming.

When Indiana was born, Joey and Rory agreed that this was the child God had planned for them, and they loved the love they had with their daughter. Rory stated that Indiana was a gift rather than a mistake for him and Joey, and that Indiana is the source of joy in his life during a difficult period.

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