A Maryland woman recently celebrated her 100th birthday by revealing the “secret” to her longevity: “loving the Lord.”
Martha Bailey was born in 1922 and grew up in Virginia, where she often sang in church. Her family describes her as the pillar and a wonderful mom and grandparent.
Bailey has a daughter, five grandchildren, and dozens of great-grandchildren, whom she fiercely loves, according to WUSA-TV.
And when it came time for the outlet to ask Bailey what she believes helped her reach age 100 when she celebrated her birthday last month, she wasted no time in giving all the credit to God.

“The secret is the grace of God living in me and me trying to live the best life that I could,” she told WUSA-TV. “The secret is loving the Lord.”
Bailey’s inspiring comments caught the attention of none other than evangelist Franklin Graham, who, on his Facebook page, praised her and offered an uplifting birthday message.
“Mrs. Martha Bailey just turned 100 years old, and she still looks great and gets around on her own without a wheelchair!” he wrote before sharing Bailey’s quote about her secret to a long life.

Graham continued, “I would say that’s a great recipe for life! Happy 100th Birthday, Mrs. Bailey — and we hope you have many more! God bless you!”
It’s always powerful to see people give God all the glory. Happy birthday, Mrs. Bailey, indeed!

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