After years of praying for another child, a couple finally got their miracle when they got pregnant. The ordeal was surreal for DeAnna and Lee Mork, who had been praying and longing for another child for nearly a decade.

The couple share a daughter named Abby, whom they welcomed in 2011. After Abby was born, they spent five years of fertility treatments and tried every means possible to get pregnant again.
a miraculous pregnancy
Despite all their efforts, they could not get pregnant, until one day. “At first I didn’t believe it,” DeAnna said. “It was so unexpected.”

Pregnant with her miracle child, DeAnna religiously went through all of her routine checkups and ultrasounds. They all proved that their baby was normal and healthy, and they even found out the gender of their little one! They were going to have a child and they couldn’t be happier.

But despite all the assurances that his baby was growing well in his wife’s womb, something kept Lee worried. Although he couldn’t pinpoint what it was, he sensed that something bad was coming.
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At 40 weeks, DeAnna was still not showing signs of labor, so she decided to go to the hospital. Her doctors induced her, seeing that her baby was too big and needed to be delivered as soon as possible.

Even before DeAnna was induced, Lee kept telling his wife that he had a feeling something was going to happen. However, DeAnna continued to reassure her husband that everything would be fine.

However, when she was induced, her husband turned out to be right. After four hours of labor, DeAnna was still not dilating despite being in excruciating pain.

After her blood pressure dropped, the doctors decided to do an emergency C-section to save her and the baby. Despite it all, DeAnna wondered if she would ever get over the ordeal and if her baby was okay.
Saving both mother and child
Lee was just as worried as DeAnna. However, he wasn’t worried about his son Jack at the moment, since he somehow knew he would be okay, he was worried about DeAnna. “I was very worried because I was about to lose my wife,” he admitted.

As the doctors and nurses rushed to save both DeAnna and Jack, Lee waited outside the operating room, praying. He cried out to God, praying that his wife and son would survive.

After some time, it was revealed that while DeAnna made it out of surgery, her son Jack didn’t. He was born without a beating heart and was unresponsive.
Jack’s Miraculous Rebirth
Unwilling to give up, doctors transported Jack to a nearby hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit to try to save him. DeAnna could only rub the back of her son’s tiny hand before he was whisked away.

Lee also wanted to say goodbye to his son, so he entered the room. He called out his son’s name and remembers the boy turning to look at him. “I knew it was going to be good right there,” he said of the encounter.

The doctors did everything they could at the nearby hospital to try to save Jack. However, they asked DeAnna and Lee not to get their hopes up.

The truth of his survival
Although Jack might survive, doctors said he could thrive with brain damage, cerebral palsy, or developmental problems. At two weeks, Jack was breathing but unresponsive and not eating.

At the time, DeAnna was concerned about the kind of life her son was going to live. Meanwhile, for Lee it was a test of faith.

Through it all, DeAnna and Lee continued to pray for God to heal their son. After spending Thanksgiving in the hospital, the couple was looking forward to bringing their son home for Christmas.
Waiting for a Christmas homecoming
As Jack got better, the doctors wanted to make sure all the problems were resolved before he was released. However, on Christmas Eve, they decided it was time for Jack to finally go home.

Overwhelmed parents shared their unexpected gift on social media for their friends and family to see. They said:
A true miracle baby
In their post, DeAnna and Lee also wrote how surprised the doctors were with the amount of development Jack did in the days leading up to Christmas. In fact, after a meeting with Jack’s neurologist, he shared that Jack was hitting all developmental milestones for his age.

DeAnna and Lee, in their faithfulness, had a true miracle baby. With their little one home with them, it would be hard for anyone to believe that he had revived at birth and been dead for 23 minutes as he is now a happy, healthy and strong boy!

Jack knows the miraculous story of his birth and says, “Jesus healed me!” DeAnna credits God for intervening in her birth story, as she believes that without Him, she and Jack would no longer be on Earth.

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