A heartwarming surprise as children travel 3000 miles to celebrate their father’s 60th birthday. In a touching video shared on TikTok, Matt Collins and his sisters shocked their parents by showing up unannounced.

Tears of joy flowed as the family embraced, with Matt captioning the video, “This is what happens when three siblings travel 3,000 miles to surprise our dad for his 60th birthday 🙌 Safe to say it went well.”

Tiktok| @mattycollins31

Moved by the love and closeness of the family, internet users expressed their emotions. One user commented, “I’m crying too. that’s family 🥰 that’s all a parent needs.” Another shared, “You guys are awesome for making sure your dad felt loved! 🥰 My dad died 4 yrs ago

. Wish I could make him feel special like this.” The video also prompted others to share their own similar experiences and concerns about unlocked doors.

Tiktok | @mattycollins31

In another heartwarming reunion video shared on Twitter, a daughter surprises her parents at a restaurant called “Outback”. Initially, the parents thank her for paying for their meal, but then she reveals that she is actually there with them. The parents are overwhelmed with emotion, and the video captures their disbelief and tears of joy.

Internet users were touched by the moment, with one user writing, “That was so awesome. Such a touching moment. Blessings to you and the family.” The video was captured by the woman’s brother, who explained that his sister had moved her flight to surprise their parents for Thanksgiving.

Overall, these heartwarming videos showcase the power of love and family bonds, leaving viewers touched and inspired by the joy and emotions captured in these surprise reunions.

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