The user jpapenhausen wrote that the two teenagers seen in the footage are her sons, Jimmy and Jace, and they are colour blind.

Colour blindness, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, is a condition where “someone cannot distinguish between certain colors, usually between greens and reds, and occasionally blues.”

For example, wrote that someone with this condition would not be able to tell the difference between a blue and purple object because that individual is unable to “see the red element of the colour purple.”

Jimmy, the one with dirty blonde hair who tried on the glasses first, could be seen pausing for a moment after putting on the eyewear and then breaking down into tears.

He then collapses into his brother’s arms.

The glasses he is wearing is from a company called EnChroma.

EnChroma describes its product as a tool that will help give the sight of colour to those who cannot see.

This is done because the lens separates “the overlapping red and green cones, helping improve vision for people who have difficulty seeing reds and greens.”

“It’s so bright,” said Jace in the video after he had a chance to try the glasses on and becoming emotional.

“It is bright,” replied a voice off camera.

“It’s so different,” he continued before looking at a colourful towel. “The towel’s completely different.”

The two brothers are even seen examining a piece of paper on the floor that the are told is lime green.

Colour blindness affects one in every 12 men and one in every 200 women in the world and is usually genetic.

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