Tre, 10, and Ke’lynn, 7, have been in Child Protective Custody in Texas for almost four years.

Tre and Ke’lynn, like most siblings, were inseparable whenever they were together. However, due to trauma, the couple had not been living together for years. Tre, 10, and Ke’lynn, 7, have been in Child Protective Custody in Texas for almost four years.

Authorities hoped that by separating them, they would be able to recover from their family’s trauma. The children spend virtually their entire lives in different foster homes, only seeing each other once a month. Each meeting was terrible since they had to say goodbye to each other at the end.

“I want to see him every day, but I don’t,” a heartbroken Ke’lynn said at the time, tears welling up in his eyes. It started out as them needing time apart to recuperate, but distance made their hearts grow fonder as they yearned to be together again. As a result, when Tre was questioned, he said, “Isn’t it true that you’re pretty much all each other has now? “So you want to make sure you’re with him, right?” asked the older brother.”

When Tre and Ke’lynn met, they could only express their love for each other once a month, and they never wanted to let it go. Tre admitted to WFAA that his biggest desire was to “live with him (Ke’lynn).” After hearing their story, someone came to their rescue a month later.

Dr. Robert Beck, who took in the brothers, said, “I was crying largely because it just pulled at my heartstrings, and I felt an instant connection with the boys, and I said I’ve got to figure out a way to have these guys in my home and learn more about them.” Despite the lack of formality, the siblings had no idea what Dr. Beck had planned for them.

He shocked his foster sons by driving them to a North Texas courthouse on July 18, 2018. Tre and Ke’Lynn (then 11 and 8) thought they were going to shoot pictures, but it turned out to be their Adoption Day. When the boys learned that they wouldn’t have to grow up apart any longer, they quickly hugged their father and expressed their gratitude for the amazing gift.

“We got adopted today, and I’m happy,” Tre stated only minutes after the court signed the adoption papers. Ke’Lynn, too, was overjoyed. “It’s just very special to be able to give them a forever home and know that they’re eternally mine,” Beck said. “They’re fantastic. I mean it wholeheartedly. They’re all of them.” Dr. Beck grew up as an adopted child, so he understands the significance of this milestone for children.

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