Natalie Browning, a 24-year-old bride from Virginia, was ready to marry the man she loved the most. She was excited for her big day because it meant that all her friends and family would come together in one place to celebrate her happiness.

She couldn’t wait to get dressed in her beautiful white dress. However, two weeks before her wedding, she learned that her beloved grandfather, Nelson May, had suffered a stroke.
The excited grandfather
May had always wanted to dance with Browning on her big day, but her condition prevented her from traveling to her hometown. It was clear that he would not attend Browning’s wedding.

During the months leading up to their wedding, May told Browning how excited he was for her big day. He was heartbroken when fate did not allow him to be there with his granddaughter at her wedding or walk her down the aisle. browning said:

“My sweet grandpa was so excited to dance with me at my wedding.”
she boarded a flight
In June 2021, Browning married as planned, but she missed her 94-year-old grandfather terribly. She danced without him and wished he were there to see her start a new chapter of her life.

She boarded her first flight with the dress in hand while other passengers had bags slung over their shoulders.
However, Browning believed that his absence did not mean that she could not dance with him. On August 1, she packed her suitcase and wrapped her beautiful white wedding dress in a pink slipcover, ready to board a flight to Florida.

Preserving the memories
Browning’s love for his grandfather was so great that flying 800 miles across the country to surprise him didn’t bother him. She was excited to see him and thought that this was a way to fulfill her wish.

To preserve the precious moments, Browning recorded a video of his entire trip and posted it online. She posed with her dress and left her house early to arrive at her grandfather’s house on time.

She boarded her first flight with the dress in hand while other passengers had bags slung over their shoulders. Then, she stopped and put on her makeup before taking her second flight. She wanted everything to be perfect.

The surprise
Once she landed in Florida, Browning wore her wedding dress before surprising May. She had no idea Browning was in town, or she would find him in her living room, wearing a beautiful white dress.
May was surprised to see her beloved granddaughter at her home. Despite not feeling well, he dressed in a white shirt combined with gray pants and a red tie and danced with Browning in his living room. She said:

“It was really a special day.”
he was special
As Browning circled her grandfather’s living room and watched him smile, she realized it was worth flying from Virginia with a dress in hand. She was glad to finally fulfill May’s wish to dance with her while he was in his wedding dress.

Browning revealed what made her surprise May and make him feel special. She said her inspiration came from her jewelry business, where she aimed to make her buyers think they were valuable.

He said that he wanted May to know that he was extremely important to her. Although he was unable to attend her wedding due to his health, she allowed him to dance with her, just as he had imagined before their big day. She said:
May may not have been feeling better before Browning’s surprise visit, but we’re sure she felt better after dancing with her beautiful granddaughter. Her presence must have cheered him up.

We hope Browning continues to inspire people to have healthy relationships with their grandparents. Share your story with your friends and family to make them smile.

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