Around the world, countless children are in foster care and orphanages, waiting to find their forever homes. Too often, children who are legally up for adoption will remain in care until they age out and are left to navigate the adult world without any family at their side. This seemed like it might be the case for a little girl named Alba who was born with Down syndrome and rejected by both her mother and 20 families. But Luca Trapanese, an Italian man, took Alba in and adopted her when she was just 13 days old back in 2017.

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It was 2017 when Luca Trapanese, a single man in Italy, took on the responsibility of adopting Alba and becoming her father. At the time, the little girl was only 13 days old; however, she had already been rejected by her mother and passed up by 20 potential adoptive families who didn’t want to take on her problems.

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