Children frequently have fantasies about what they want to accomplish when they grow up, like becoming a doctor, football player, dancer, model, etc. Then they mature, learn more about life, and develop new perspectives. However, on occasion, a child’s love for a particular pastime endures and they start to recognize their true talents at a young age.

This is what a 9-year-old Colorado girl who is living her dream experienced. Little Kaia Aragon is a budding seamstress who has a passion for fashion.

Even before she started making her own garments, Kaia claimed that she was drawn to certain types of clothing: “Whenever I could dress up, I always preferred outfits that stood out or left their mark.” Little Kaia was taught how to use the sewing machine by her mother Tonya, who also captured her hobby in some videos shared on social media. Following the creation and online sharing of her debut dress, a black T-shirt with an orange fox print that had over 1.2 million views, Kaia has gotten increasingly creative with her designs.

“Her abilities and her ideas are quickly surpassing what I am capable of,” said Tonya, adding that she now regularly attends YouTube courses to pick up knowledge and abilities that will benefit Kaia. “I usually just begin by sketching up a concept. I only use flexible, silky fabrics in all of my outfits. I avoid using fabrics that I find appealing visually yet are uncomfortable to wear. I only consider the “look,” then the “feel,” “Kaia said that rather than creating the pattern first, she simply lays the fabric directly onto a mannequin.

The little designer racked up over 600,000 fans on her mother’s TikTok account in only a few short weeks. But there’s more: a few weeks ago, Vera Wang was also drawn to her. This well-known fashion designer sent Kaia a parcel with a sewing machine, a backpack, and a handwritten note, but Kaia said she had never heard of him. In a video that was published, Wang’s note stated: “I am so glad to see that you are already working toward your goal of being a seamstress, dear Kaia! Thank you and best of luck. Love Vera”

In addition to designing things from scratch, Kaia likes to redesign previously owned clothing. Although more and more people are willing to pay for her creations, her mother is hesitant to take payment, despite the fact that her talent can already be regarded as professional: “Kaia enjoys creating clothing because satisfying orders would turn it into a profession and be too much responsibility for such a young girl. Her innocence and brilliance should be encouraged. Later on, there will be time for a profession” she spoke out.


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