Meet Shirley Goodman, the centenarian who is inspiring the world with her positivity and dance moves. Popularly known as “The Dancing Nana,” this 100-year-old woman from Sarasota, Florida has become a sensation on Instagram for her lively dancing videos shared by her family.

Goodman’s love for dancing started at a young age, and she opened her own dancing school at the age of 17. Although she later closed the school after getting married, she continued to enjoy dancing throughout her life.

Studies have shown that dancing can have numerous health benefits, including improved brain health and reduced risk of physical disability. Goodman also pursued other physical activities like tennis and golf, staying active and engaged even in her later years.

Despite facing various challenges in her life, including her husband’s deployment as a pilot during World War II and dealing with health issues like two open-heart surgeries and vision and hearing problems, Goodman has always maintained a positive outlook.

She believes in the power of positive thinking and advises others to find happiness in their thoughts and families.

Interestingly, Goodman’s longevity is not solely attributed to a strict diet or exercise routine. She admits to not eating the healthiest foods, enjoying fried foods, chocolate, and sweets, and not being a fan of vegetables or home-cooked meals. She also doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke.

Her daughter Joan, who is 71 years old, shares that her kids used to holler at her for not eating healthy, but they stopped bothering her when she hit 90. Goodman believes that enjoying what you eat is key to a happy life.

Goodman attributes her longevity to her love for music, dance, and her devoted family. She has four children, 10 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren, and she believes that they are a major source of her warmth and happiness. She has been teaching some of her family members how to dance, including the popular “Tush Push” dance move.

Shirley Goodman’s story is a testament to how one can live a long and healthy life by staying active, positive, and surrounded by loved ones. She encourages others to keep moving, stay resilient, and maintain a positive outlook on life for a happy and healthy journey. As she turns 100, “The Dancing Nana” continues to inspire people around the world with her contagious positivity and passion for dance.

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