The opportunity to bring all of your loved ones together is one of the most delightful components of a wedding ceremony.

Natalie Browning, a 24-year-old Virginian, was planning her wedding to Cooper Browning, her true love, in June 2021. On the big day, Natalie’s biggest sadness was learning that her grandfather would be unable to attend.

Her grandfather, Nelson May, is 94 years old and resides in Florida. He suffered a stroke two weeks before Natalie’s wedding, preventing him from traveling.

“My dear grandpa was so excited to dance with me at my wedding and was heartbroken when he found out two weeks before the wedding that medical issues prevented him from going,” Natalie wrote on Facebook.

She decided to invite him to the wedding after that!

Natalie packed her wedding gown into a pink garment bag and booked a flight from Virginia to Florida a month after her wedding ceremony. She documented her 800-mile journey with a video, which she eventually shared online. She turns into wedding mode on the plane, even finishing her makeup at the airport, as shown in the video.

Natalie’s efforts were rewarded when she caught up with her grandfather in his living room for a “first dance.”

Natalie stated, “He’d been looking forward to dancing with me on my wedding night for months, and I’m just thrilled that I was able to give him that opportunity.” “Because I don’t get to see him very often, it was a special day for me.”

Natalie would do it all over again just to make him feel appreciated, and the trip meant a lot to them both.


What a sweet way for her to show her affection for her grandfather. We congratulate Natalie and Cooper! The fantastic surprise may be seen in the video below.


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