“The world is a new and exciting place for toddlers, and as soon as they learn something, they can’t wait to share it with everyone,” said Colby and Alyssa Hacker, parents of toddler Owen. One day, while shopping at Target in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Owen grabbed three dinosaurs from the shelf, unable to decide which one he wanted to play with.

That’s when an older man in the store approached him, saying, “Hey, sweet boy,” and began playing with Owen and the dinosaurs.

Moved by the kind gesture, Alyssa shared the heartwarming incident on Facebook. She wrote, “The man got his wallet out and pulled a $20 out, he put it in Owen’s pocket on his shirt and said, ‘I just lost my 2-year-old grandson last week.

You take this money and buy this boy all three dinosaurs.’” The man then comforted Owen, wiped his tears, and walked away. Owen shouted a grateful “thank you” after him.

Initially feeling protective over Owen, Alyssa ended up in tears in the middle of Target, touched by the stranger’s act of kindness. She used the $20 to purchase all three dinosaurs, which now hold a special meaning for her family.

Alyssa’s viral post about the incident referred to Owen as a “blessing” and expressed her gratitude for being able to share his light with the world.

She also prayed that night for the ability to teach Owen about the kind deed and the impact it had on their lives. Alyssa concluded, “These three stuffed dinosaurs have more meaning than I ever thought a stuffed animal from Target could have. We will hold on to these memories forever!”

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