“Unequality“… Is this fair or reasonable?

Human beings are the highest kind of living things on the planet. Our parents instilled in us a religious upbringing as well as moral principles and etiquette that prepare us for life. They were taught mutual respect, tolerance, and to be charitable, among other things, as part of their education to do good to our fellowmen. We should respect each other and everyone else equally, regardless of whether we are rich, poor, handsome, or otherwise.

Even if you are wealthy and can afford to hire dozens of domestic helpers, they are still humans like us who should not be treated like slaves! Take a look at the image below.

A regular family enjoying a nice mealtime, with the hired staff seated next to them but not eating with them.

Yes, you are correct. This nanny is just sitting there watching her employers eat while she waits for them to finish.

Because she was only a nanny, it’s unclear whether she didn’t want to eat or if she was disallowed to join in with her employers.

She may be a paid employee, but she is still a person. Is it reasonable to expect the hired help to be regarded solely as a nanny in this situation? So, where do ethics and equality fit in?

Unfortunately, circumstances like this still happen in today’s world, even in our own nations. It doesn’t seem right that we merely eat to fulfill our own hunger without considering the needs of others. After all, it’s only right that we invite everyone to our meals, especially when there’s so much food to go around. Each of us desires to share a delicious meal with someone special.

Hopefully, this post will serve as an example to all of us, to people of all social statuses, to not mistreat and look down on others because of their station. May this serve as a lesson to all of us to make the world a safer and more peaceful place to live.

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