Poor children, it was said, mature faster, and this was certainly true of a child from a small village in Nantang.

Her father died of illness a few years ago, and her careless mother fled. As the oldest of three children, Xiao Ying had assumed the role of a ‘young mother’ from then on. She was responsible for her two younger brothers, who had a difficult upbringing. Xiao Ying refused to give up her siblings, no matter how difficult their lives had become.

Xiao Ying would accompany her two brothers outside the house in the mornings.

She’d then ask them to squat and show them how to brush their teeth.

She’d then ask them to squat and show them how to brush their teeth.

The three siblings had been living with their uncle after their parents had passed away.

One day, Xiao Ying, the’student on duty,’ was observed carrying a pail of porridge and passing it out to the other students.

They were handed a piece of bread and a bowl of porridge for breakfast.

Xiao Ying was a very mature young lady. Her piece of bread would be saved for her brothers to consume.

Xiao Ying sits at the teacher’s desk, leading a reading activity with her classmates.

Xiao Ying was not only a kind sister to her brothers, but she was also an excellent student who excelled in her studies.

Xiao Ying is fetching water from the well with a bucket.

Xiao Ying would rush home after school to make dinner and look after her brothers. They’d eat dinner at home before heading to their uncle’s place for the night.

Xiao Ying would have a huge list of chores to complete every day. From getting water to cooking, laundry, and other home responsibilities. She breezed through all of the duties.

Xiao Ying is seen cleaning rice in preparation to cook it for dinner in the photo below.

Xiao Ying is now a talented cook after a few years of trial and error.

She despises it when others inquire about her mother or bring it up in conversation. She does, however, hope that she will return to look after them.

Their meals are mainly composed of veggies and rice.

They don’t eat meat very often. Their uncle or neighbors would occasionally offer them additional dishes.

Xiao Ying, who was assisting her brother with his heavy bag, urged them to return home quickly.

Xiao Ying would interrogate them about their studies and warn them not to play in the water along the way.

Her two siblings are deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf They would splash around in the paddy fields’ water. Xiao Ying became enraged and struck her brother, who retaliated by striking her.

Tears welled up in Xiao Ying’s eyes as she glanced at her innocent brother.

They’d eat dinner when they got home.

They also have a chicken that they maintain as a pet and with whom they play.

Because her brothers are too little to help with duties, Xiao Ying is generally seen handling all of the home chores. They don’t have any money, so they try to live as simply as possible.

Their uncle suggested that Xiao Ying give up her two brothers for adoption, but Xiao Ying was adamantly opposed to the concept.

When Xiao Ying’s mother learned that her husband was dying with cancer, she took all of their savings and fled. Their father went away not long after that.

Xiao Ying and her brothers make ready to go to their uncle’s place for the night.

Xiao Ying’s school organized a fundraising drive in her honor. Following her tragic predicament, a large number of generous people gave money and everyday requirements.

Everyone who helped Xiao Ying make her life simpler was appreciative.

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