After fending off and following a burglar who stole her mother’s pocketbook outside of a supermarket in Florida, a brave 9-year-old girl is being hailed a hero.

On November 2, Journee Nelson and her mother, Danielle Mobley, had just done their grocery shopping at Sabor Tropical Supermarket, 5011 Broadway Ave.

The couple can be seen walking up to their car in the parking lot on surveillance footage. A guy in a gray sweatshirt stands next to massive propane tanks nearby, later identified as Demetrius Jackson, 29. He dashes toward Danielle, who is in the process of packing goods into the car.

Surveillance footage of the robber attacking Journee Nelson and her mom Danielle Mobley

Demetrius and Danielle fought for the prize, with the latter attempting to repel him. While reaching for his belt, the man allegedly threatened her to let go of the bag or “you’re going to make me pop you.”

Journee, who was already in the passenger seat, swiftly exited the vehicle and rushed to her mother’s aid. Multiple fists were thrown at the suspect’s face by the young child.

As seen in the video, bystanders rushed to the duo to assist the mother and daughter in fighting off the thief.

Journee Nelson receiving her token of appreciation from the West Palm Beach Police Department

“I bet he was surprised when she hit him right in the face,” said West Palm Beach Police Chief Frank Adderley, a former chief in Fort Lauderdale. “You can definitely tell on the videotape that he wasn’t expecting that and her actions were perfect timing in this particular situation and I think she hit him pretty hard.”

Danielle let go of her pocketbook when the thief shoved Journee to the ground. Journee wasn’t finished with Demetrius yet, so he took off.

With her mother racing after her and calling her back, the lionhearted lass got up and followed him four homes down the block.

Journee remembered the terrible event by saying, “I fought back.” “I had no choice but to save my mother.”

Danielle’s handbag, which included a smartphone, wallet, gum, multiple bank cards, $40 cash, and a concealed carry permit, was unfortunately stolen.

Journee Nelson posing for a photo on a police motorcycle with her mom and two men

Journee’s activities resulted in a successful conclusion, as the culprit was apprehended and detained by police two days after the incident. He’s been charged with robbery and violence since then. It’s unknown whether he has hired legal counsel.

Danielle and the West Palm Beach Police Department praised Journee for her bravery in the days following the event.

Danielle told WSVN, “I’m incredibly proud of her. That was her instant reaction.”

However, the encounter has left them emotionally and mentally damaged.

“I wish things could be a bit different occasionally,” she continued, “since she is still struggling with this emotionally.” However, knowing that the criminal has been apprehended helps them feel better.

Journee received a medal, certificate, and Target gift card from the West Palm Beach Police Foundation.

Journee Nelson with West Palm Beach Police Department

“Today, Chief Adderley recognized a 9-year-old girl for her bravery in defending her mother against a ruthless thief. The West Palm Beach Police Foundation gave the youngster a gesture of appreciation,” the agency posted on Facebook, with images from the occasion.

Journee is seen riding a police motorbike in one of the photos. She was happy in another photo, holding her medal and diploma.

“I wouldn’t encourage confronting someone like that,” Police Chief Adderley added, “but things happen in the heat of the moment.”

Journee’s acts might be a foreshadowing of who she will become as an adult. Danielle says she can’t decide if she wants to be a cop or a teacher.

However, we’re confident that Journee’s protective spirit and bravery will come through no matter which path

she choose.

Journee, you did a fantastic job! To discover more about her incredible experience, watch the video below.

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