“This is the year I’m going to die.” That was my dad’s response after asking him what good things this new year will bring. Four years ago today, on his birthday, he spoke these words.

I tried not to burst into tears at his comment and followed up with, ‘How do you know this?’ He told me that he had known it since he was forty years old. My answer is a bit blurry because I knew he was right.

I saw it in his eyes, he had given up and the fight was too much. You already signed the check; I was ready.

Looking back, it was quite a beautiful moment. He told me that he was giving up, that he knew that divine timing already had a plan for him. He passed away less than a month later.
In honor of my dad’s birthday, I want to thank him for loving me so much by sharing the following 8 lessons he taught me throughout his life:

Life lessons

  1. Listen to your heart
    Your heart has brain cells and it will talk to you. Don’t ignore these beats as they echo the truth. If you want an extraordinary life, accept the vulnerability of your heart and cover others with love.
  2. Courage is contagious
    Have the courage to speak when others won’t even flex their tongues. Show the strength to stand up when the others never left their seat. Demonstrate the perseverance to keep going when others refuse to lace up their shoes.
  3. Take pride in your morals
    When you are steadfast in what feels right, you will no longer be driven by points of view other than our own because your inner strength will be unwavering. Only then will you attract the people and circumstances that will manifest an enchanted life.
  1. Surround yourself with your people
    Flee from the envious; they will end up hurting you. Immediately catching those red flags and having the strength to cut ties will protect you in ways that are second to none.
  2. Look for resonance
    We all desire three things in life: truth, beauty, and goodness. Seek this excellence in all aspects of your world and abundance will follow.
  3. Connect with your spirituality
    There is a wealth of divine wisdom and universal truths that are here to guide you through even your most distressing times. If you connect with your higher self, you will always find the answer.
  4. Love is not what they say
    It’s not about oversized balloons and shiny gems. It’s the sparkle in someone’s eye where you can see the whole world. It’s the moment you find the person whose heartbeat was meant to sing along with yours.
  5. Be a role model
    Be proud of where exactly you are in life. Pain is your strength, defeats are a blessing and anguish is a lesson. The role model you have become is your gift to the world.


Thank you dad for sharing with me lessons of wisdom that will forever be tattooed on my heart. I gave up and found that my resistance was only preventing me from healing.

Now I know that you were trying to tell me that everything is a divine plan and to be trusted. Trust that we are loved, guided and protected.

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you.

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