If you’ve ever visited Melaka, you’ve probably seen this old man selling salted fish. Every day, Md Zin Ahmad, 64, of Bukit Pasir, Muar, gladly travels 100 kilometers in order to support his sick wife.

A tweet from a Malaysian teenager went viral lately after she mentioned a man going about trying to sell his stuff. She stated that she wanted to assist the man and posted his photo in the hopes that people who saw him would be willing to assist him by purchasing his salted fish.

When she was running a marathon near Dataran Pahlawan, she came across the man.

Last year, when Berita Harian interviewed him and he recounted his sad experience, this senior citizen became viral. He would reportedly leave his house at 8 a.m. to catch a bus to Melaka so that he could support himself and his ailing wife. He’d bring roughly 100 packages of salted fish with him to sell in Melaka, where he makes his living.

He has four adult children, but he prefers to sell salted fish because he doesn’t want to be a financial burden on them, especially since they each have their own families to maintain. He doesn’t mind because his 73-year-old wife, Fatimah Md Said, is ailing at home and requires his assistance.

Md Zin is alleged to sell his salted fish for RM10 for three packets, and according to the tweet, he has been doing so for more than five years, as other netizens claimed they saw him doing so in 2012. They even remarked on how wonderful his salted fish is! He doesn’t stay in one area either, walking around several locations to ensure that all of his salted fish is sold.

Md Zin has diabetes and high blood pressure, but he claims that this is not a concern because he is on medicine to manage his condition.

Many netizens expressed sympathy for the uncle’s condition and offered him their prayers and blessings, with some saying they would buy from him and give him a few more ringgit everytime they saw him.

We should constantly lend a helping hand to those who are in need!

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