After revealing events that occurred prior to his birth, an Australian youngster left his mother dumbfounded and heartbroken. Continue reading to learn more about what occurred.

It’s hard to predict what will come out of a child’s mouth. At times, they say wise things above their years, and at other times, they say silly and amusing things.

When Luca, a four-year-old, revealed insights of his mother’s life before he was born, he pushed things to a whole new level.

In an Instagram post, Laura Mazza, an Australian writer, described the tense talk she had with her son.

Laura had excruciating pain after a pregnancy test resulted in a positive result years before, followed by a heavy menstruation a few days later.

Because she was pregnant with Luca shortly after the significant bleeding happened, she had no idea what it meant.

Laura had had a loss, which is a dreadful event for anyone, but she was able to conceive soon after, which helped her to feel better. Laura assumed Luca had roamed the earth before because of his birth complications and demeanor.

The four-year-old had the appearance of a small adult and uttered both wise and foolish things at times. He’d also sing along to songs that were released decades before he was born.

Laura’s suspicions were realized one fateful day while bathing the young boy, and she was caught off guard. Luca inquired about his mother’s whereabouts, and Laura replied that they were in Australia.

He did reside in Laura’s tummy, but he and his family had lived in Australia since his birth, according to Laura. Luca’s next words caught his mother off guard, he explained.

“Yes, mum, I lived in your stomach… I was there, but I passed away.”

Because it happened before he was born, Luca has no way of knowing she had a miscarriage, and she has never told him. Laura inquired more, perplexed by what he had stated. She questioned the small child what he meant when he claimed he died since they were right there together.

Luca claimed he was in Laura’s stomach and then died, after which he went hunting for her but was unable to locate her. The four-year-message old’s was as follows:

“I went looking for you but was unable to locate you. I went to your house, I went everywhere, but you couldn’t hear me when I called, so I was unhappy, but then I turned into an angel.”

He continued by saying that he missed her and wished to see her again, so he returned as a baby in her womb to be born. Luca said that he was not in paradise but in Australia before becoming her baby again. The young child expressed his joy at the prospect of being her baby again and growing up.

Laura had never talked to her child about angels or heaven before, and his descriptions of both made her cry. Laura later claimed that all she did was cry and stare at her son.

She concluded her message by stating that children know who they want as their mothers even before they are born, and Luca’s story proves this.

Laura continued by saying that children select their moms and that their spirits are always with them, whether in this life or the next. Many of her followers responded by saying they’d had similar situations and thanking her for sharing her story.


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