Who said chivalry was a thing of the past? A student went above and above to do something nice for an old lady.

Who said chivalry was a thing of the past? A student went out of his way to help an old grandmother, who was grateful for his kindness.

A group of guys and a 79-year-old woman were riding in an elevator in Florida when it abruptly stopped, trapping them inside.

As a result, the guys began calling for assistance.

It appeared that they would have to wait a long time, which proved to be a major issue for the lady. She claimed that weariness prevents her from standing for lengthy periods of time.

Cesar Larios, who was on the elevator, told Good News Network, “We were riding with a very nice older woman.” “As soon as it became trapped, the lady stated that she could not stand for long periods of time.”

He transformed into a human chair.

Larios had options at this time. With the woman, he could be stressed out. He could see her sitting awkwardly on the ground. He could also think outside of the box.

He, as you are already aware, thought outside the box.

The 23-year-old told GNN, that he offered to serve as a chair. The old lady was incredibly grateful.

Larios acted as a human chair for the woman for 30 minutes, allowing her to rest her legs before being rescued.

Efforts to make the world a better place

College Hunks Hauling Junk, Larios’ employer, said on Facebook that Larios’ good act was part of the company’s mission “to make the world a better place.”

Nick Friedman, Co-Founder and President of College Hunks, stated, “I thought this was a terrific example of old-fashioned service and assisting your fellow neighbor.” “The reaction to the image has been incredible. It has been shared and posted on social media by tens of thousands of people. What I like about it is that it’s a genuine moment captured on film. Many people believe that the younger generation has lost some ideals. However, one modest photograph demonstrates that chivalry and hard labor are still alive and well in our generation.”

It’s satisfying to assist people.

It would have been simple for the pupil to overlook the elderly lady’s exhaustion. It wasn’t like it was his granny who did it.

But, happily, he opted to help her instead, demonstrating that a small act of compassion for a stranger may go a long way.

Source: scoop.upworthy.com

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